Ohio Teaching License

Ohio Teaching License

If you are passionate about education and strive to start your teaching career in the state of Ohio, this article is worth reading. We researched carefully and put together the main processes of obtaining and maintaining a teaching license in Ohio, state-specific requirements, general and alternative pathways of being a certified teacher, and much more.

How do you get a teaching license in Ohio?

To become a certified teacher in Ohio, the Department of Education requires meeting the state-specific criteria as a part of the licensure process.  In order to obtain a teaching license you must:

  • Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree
  • Complete state-approved teacher preparation program
  • Pass the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) exam
  • Pass the ACTFL/LTI World Languages Examinations if you are a foreign language
  • Submit your fingerprints and undergo the background check

In the state of Ohio, there is a tiered structure certification system allowing teachers and educators to move from initial licensing to advanced licensing options. First, the Resident Educator License is provided for four years and after successful completion of program requirements, you will be eligible for a 5-year professional teaching license.

Depending on the grade level and subjects to be taught the Ohio Department of Education issues 8 types of licenses:

  • Early childhood license
  • Early childhood intervention specialist license
  • Middle childhood license
  • Intervention specialist license
  • Adolescence to young adult license
  • Multi-age license
  • Career technical license
  • Associate licensure

As soon as you complete the above-mentioned steps of educational requirements, you will be ready to apply for a teaching license.

Application of licensure is submitted online by visiting the Ohio Department of Education’s Security Application of Enterprise web portal.

To obtain your teaching license, the following documents are required during the application process:

  • Official transcripts as evidence of your bachelor’s degree
  • Completed teacher preparation program
  • Authorized background check
  • Completed application form for teaching certification
  • Accepted scores of required exams
  • Payment of certification fees

Can you teach in Ohio without a teaching degree?

Ohio Department of Education (ODE) offers an alternative teaching certification designed specifically for those who hold a degree in a different area and want to change their career path.  To earn an alternative teaching certification you must meet minimum educational requirements are:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree
  • Completion of the teacher preparation program
  • Proof of passing the state-required exams

ODE issues four types of alternative pathways for obtaining a teaching license:

  1. Interim Licensure: This alternate route to licensure is designed for the teachers who hold a bachelor’s degree, two years of experience as a Pre-K teacher working in private schools or with a substitute license. Additionally, to obtain this type of license teachers are required to pass Praxis content area exams based on the teaching subject.
  2. 2-year Provisional STEM license: This type of license is provided to candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in STEM area and want to work in Ohio’s STEM schools. Candidates need to complete a teacher preparation program and pass Praxis content area exam according to the subject area they want to teach. Keep in mind that the license will be requested by the employing school, not the applicant.
  3. 4-year Early College High School license: If you have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 1-year teaching experience this license might be an option for you. Additionally, you must pass the Praxis content area exam and obtain the request for the teaching license from Ohio’s early college high school. To advance this type of license, you must complete 4 school years of teaching experience and pass Ohio Assessments for Educators.
  4. Alternative Career-Technical Workforce Development Resident Educator certificate: this certificate is provided for those who want to teach career and technical education. To be eligible for the Alternative Career-Technical Workforce Development Resident Educator certificate (CTWD) you must have at least a high school diploma and work experience in the career subject to be taught. Note that if the subject demands to hold the state license or certification you must obtain these required certifications. To get a CTWD certificate, first reach school districts and ask them to request the certification on their behalf. You also need to pass the teacher preparation program by completing a 24-semester hour subject program to earn your professional career and technical education teaching license.

The requirements of obtaining an alternative teaching certification are almost identical to traditional licensing processes. To be certified you must:

  • Pass Ohio Assessments for Educators exams
  • Praxis exams for your subject area endorsements
  • Submit your fingerprints and undergo a criminal history background check

The alternative routes of teaching licensure will lead to earning an Alternative Resident Educator License.  Candidates are required to meet the following criteria to get the license:

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree
  • Completed semester 30 hours in the subject area
  • Completed 6 hours of professional education coursework as a part of the teacher preparation program
  • Passing score of Praxis exams
  • Background clearance

Once the following processes are complete and you meet the requirements, apply for the Alternative Resident Educator License.

When your teaching experience is out-of-state Ohio reciprocity program might be applicable if you meet the standard certification requirements. You must provide proof of your teaching experience, valid information of licensure exams, and the official transcripts earned from your institution.

How much is an Ohio teaching license?

The cost of a teaching license in Ohio varies due to traditional and alternate pathways of licensure and many licensing types. For instance, a traditional Adult Education License lasting 4 years costs $100 plus $20 for an additional teaching area if needed. One of the alternative routes of many licensure types, which we discussed earlier, called Advanced CTWD or Professional Career Technical License costs $200 and lasts 5 years.

If your license duration has been expired, you must renew it to keep your legal work as a teacher or educator in Ohio. The cost of each license’s renewal is $200 plus an additional $20 for each area of teaching. To renew  your current license, use this form.

Additionally, to renew your professional educator license you must pass certain criteria according to the area of your licensure. During your school teaching you must create Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) and fulfill the following requirements:

  • 6 semester hours of coursework related to your area of teaching
  • 18 Continuing Education Units of equivalent activities approved by Local Professional Development Committee(LPDC)

For more information about the application fees and costs of licenses and certification visit here.

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