Ohio Social Worker License

Ohio Social Worker License

You decided to obtain your Ohio social worker license, but you don’t know how? Then keep reading this article, as it will instruct you. The process is not as hard as you imagine. Here we composed a “must do” list and necessary materials you are searching for.

Getting Caseworker Certificate

Indeed, for the qualification, you have to pass through certain steps. Thus, you must:

Complete your education

Unlike other states, in OH you will not be required to have at least a Master’s degree. Earning a Bachelor’s degree is enough to begin your career path. You need to pick up CSWE authorized coaching programs.

Apply for Ohio social worker licensing

You should accomplish that on the eLicense website. There you may track your application status updates as well. Firstly pay the application fee of $80 and a processing fee. Also, present your DL and a copy of your diploma. If you are still a student attach a letter about your anticipated level and date of graduation instead. Yet, current students can request for qualifying only if they study in the last semester.

Obtain approval

Take approval from Association of Social Work Boards for the licensure exam. After that, they will guide you on the next steps.

Take the ASWB exam

The exam should be relevant to your education level. It consists of 150 questions. In general, to succeed you need to get 90 to 107 correct answers. In short, the threshold grade is 60-70%. Online ASWB training quizzes might be useful to succeed in the final test without difficulties.

Learn CSWMFT rules and laws

Their guidelines teach you to practice as a certificated employee.

Pass criminal background checks

You should complete the BCI and FBI criminal record checking process.

Transfer transcripts attesting your degree to the CSWMFT

Ask your school to forward them directly to the Counselor and Social Worker Board. Transcripts can be sent via email [email protected]. Or they may send them by mail to the following address:

77 S High St 24th Floor, Room 2468
Columbus, OH 43215

Salary of LSW

How much does LSW earn per year? Salaries differ from city to city. Yet, the average annual income can not be less than $47380. Sure, year after year your profit increases based on your work experience. It depends on your status too.

Renewal Process

Like Nebraska in OH refresh needs to be done biennially on its issuance day. But before that, you are to do 30-hour continuing tutorial courses. While among these 30 hours there must be three hours of ethics topics. The service costs $83.50.


The OH Board doesn’t share any formal agreement on reciprocation with other states. Therefore, you have to apply for your new certification again. At the same time, you are allowed to transfer your test score to another state’s platform.

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