Ohio Security License

Ohio Security License

In this state, employers register bodyguards instead of the state. Before starting your career path you should first obtain an Ohio security license.

As an unarmed security officer, you can work without your identification card with some limit. So, your director should get some kind of waiver from the person who will hire you.

This means the latter must be aware that you haven’t completed your registration. At the same time, he/she should agree to your employment.

To become an armed bodyguard your first should be receiving firearms training from the police department (likewise it is in the state of North Carolina).

Registration Process


  1. The employer must apply to register an employee within 3-7 calendar days (after the date on which he/she is hired).
  2. Together with the application, there should be an employee’s one 2”x2” color passport-type photo, physical description, and the fee.
  3. After that he/she must submit one whole set of fingerprints
  4. In the end, a criminal records check takes place. Only after the BCI finds it clear, the bodyguard can get an identification card.


  1. Complete the application and registration process.
  2. Receive a certificate of training completion.
  3. The Employee Firearm-bearer Notation Application and a certificate’s copy of finishing to the Ohio Department of Public Safety Private Investigators & Security Services department should submit the employer.
  4. Run a fingerprint background check through the FBI at the Public Safety Department.
  5. After passing all the steps successfully you will get a guard card with a firearm-bearer notation on it.


The application costs $40. However, for an armed guard registration, you must pay an additional $15. You can do the payment either in money order or by a check.


After serving for a year you need to renew your license.

The fee is $25 (or $40 if done later). Yet, for armed officers, it raises to $40. You can pay in money order or by a check.

NOTE: You mustn’t have been guilty of a felony during the last year to be able to do the renewal. After you fill out the license renewal form your director should submit it.

Training requirements

The state doesn’t have any demands concerning training. It varies by employer. The latter may require some terms.

For armed officers there are two types of training:

  • Handgun: it lasts 20 hours and typically costs around $200.
  • Additional: it lasts 5 hours for each non-handgun weapon type (you carry while working). For shotgun training, the cost will be $110.

All prices may vary by the providers.

Background check and Fingerprinting

Your fingerprints should be submitted electronically when applying as a watchman. Either you provide them or your employer can take them.

To carry a weapon you must do an FBI check. Otherwise, you may only need BCI background testing. In that case, only you can submit the fingerprint directly to the BCI.


  • Ohio BCI & FBI (both database): $70
  • FBI (national database): $50
  • Ohio BCI (state database): $40

The amount of money varies by provider.

Security Guard Card

After your record is accepted you will get your officer ID. Here is what it is made of:

  • Your director’s license number and signature (If you work for a company, the signature will be either of the president or its qualifying agent)
  • Your physical description, age, name, and address
  • An identifying mark from you (e.g. a right thumb’s print)
  • A recent photograph of you and also your signature.


In case your ID gets spoiled or lost, you can do a replacement:

  • Fill out the record form again.
  • Verify the replacement ID box.
  • Pay a fee of $5.

Registration authority

The Ohio Department of Public Safety Private Investigators & Security Services

1970 West Broad Street
P.O. Box 182001
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2001

Phone Number: (614) 466-4130 and (614) 466-0342 (fax).

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