Ohio License Plate Lookup

Ohio License Plate Lookup

Ohio state residents or citizens who have recently moved in and want to register their vehicles according to federal laws should consider this Ohio license plate lookup for detailed information.

What is an Ohio license plate?

An Ohio license plate is a metal plate stuck to the front and back of cars, trucks, motorcycles. The registration plate is to identify the vehicles and their owners in the territory of Ohio.

The registration of vehicles is mandatory in 1908. As stated by Ohio law, only back license plates are necessary for vehicles since July 1, 2020.

Where do the stickers go on an Ohio license plate?

County stickers are placed on the left side of the plate. In fact, stickers show the county of residence and not the county where it was issued. If there is an old sticker over the plate, put the new sticker over it.

How do I receive my license plate?

Currently, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is the institution to provide license plates for Ohio residents. Thus, to get a driver’s license plate in Ohio, provide the following documents.

  • Social security number evidence or Ohio driver’s license
  • The car title signed and verified
  • Power of Attorney of Ohio Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle inspection certificate
  • Ohio vehicle insurance document
  • $34,50 registration price
  • License plate costs
  • Local BMV office fees

How do I transfer my license plate to Ohio?

You can maintain, damage, or transfer your license plate to another vehicle. To transfer your plate to another vehicle, fill in the BMV 4089 registration form and pay $4,50 cost.

How long does it take to get a license plate in Ohio?

It takes four weeks for BMV offices to process your application and mail the license plates.

Getting a personalized license plate is a bit longer than that of the standard tags. A 6 to 8 week period is common in preparing and delivering your vanity license plate. Your application may be rejected for several reasons. Check out our banned Ohio license plates page for more information.

How can I find my Ohio license plate number online?

Many cars and vehicles are sold annually with false vehicle ID numbers in all Us States. Unfortunately, Ohio is not an exclusion. Thus, to escape from being trapped in, send an online request to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Ohio BMV is an institution administering license plates within the state territory.

Vehicle identification number

Once you have your license plate number, you can access to 17 character code. That is vehicle identification number(VIN). You can find far more information about your vehicle through VIN than by your license plate. IT proved you the entire history of your car. To start a quick check, visit the official website and fill in the 17 number code into field.

The VIN check will show you the amount of car crashes on the road. It also provides the databases of each crash.

You can also find the information to see whether the car was stolen or not.  Special cards are meant for stolen vehicles. They also give information on whether it needs a full repair on not.

The online check helps to escape from misinformation about the vehicle’s condition. It gives a proper background whether natural disasters have damaged it. So you prevent from buying an unsafe vehicle.

Odometer records are also available. The website shows how many miles has the car passed since its production.

Records about the charges and unpaid credits. You will see if there are unpaid credits or charges.

How to get a license plate for an untitled trailer in Ohio?

If the weight of your boat trailer doesn’t exceed 4000 pounds, it might have no titles. To get a license plate for your untitled trailer, visit any local deputy registrar license company. The process is also available online at OPLATES. However, after online registration, visit a local deputy registrar license agency. Confirmation of a Financial Responsibility statement is obligatory.

The state of Ohio requires that all the trailers that weigh over 4000 pounds must have a title. The titling process should start within 30 days after the acquisition of the trailer. Otherwise, extra penalties on registration fees are guaranteed.

To start the titling, contact your local BMV agency. If the trailer currently has no Ohio title, get an Ohio non-resident VIN verification. The local deputy registrant’s office provides the verification.

The fees for registration of non-commercial trailers vary depending on their weight. It might range from $12 to $49. The registration expires yearly on your birthday.

To see more details about registration, contact your local registrant authorities.

Former war prisoners, disabled veterans, and Medal of Honor grantees can apply for free registration by completing form BMV 4526.

How to get registered owner from an Ohio license plate number?

Need to find the driver who crashes into your car and escapes from the scene? Maybe you notice someone acting suspiciously?

There might be various reasons to identify a person whose license plate numbers are at your hand. To speed up the process, turn to The Ohio BMV.

The first step is to complete an Ohio Vehicle Record application form and mail it to the bureau. Consider that you must submit the payment as well. The request fees vary depending on the information you want. You will get an answer to your request by mail.

How can I renew my license plate in Ohio?

If your license plate registration has expired, renew it with the Ohio BMV. The State of Ohio does not allow the operation of vehicles without valid registration. This threatens penalties and problems with state law.

You can renew your license plate via Ohio BMV in person, by mail or online

It’s up to you to decide the duration of the registration, whether an annual or biannual period is necessary. The license plate registration expires annually on your anniversary.

However, a two-year registration period is restricted once your car is special. Apportioned license plates also have a limitation for two-year registration period.
Thus, contact your local BMV branch to renew the license plate before its expiry date. The office will give you the new registration card to complete the process.
To prolong your license plate in Ohio, submit the following documents.

  • Fee payments,
  • A verified  renewal notice
  • A car title
  • Assurance
  • E-check document

Whether you want to form your registration online, visit the Ohio BMV official website https://www.bmv.ohio.gov/
and keep to the instructions.
If you have lost, or damaged your license tag, or it was stolen, you will need to replace it, and not renew.

The replacement of lost, damaged, and stolen tags

A completely different procedure is issued when someone has stolen your plate. First, contact the local police office and file a report about the theft. This will allow you to escape from the illegal use of your plate. In the report, mention your license plate and theft details.
The following costs are necessary to complete the replacement process.

  • A registration card is $4.50
  • One license plate costs $10.50
  • Two license tags cost $11.75
  • To complete an online replacement form you will need.
  • Your home address
  • Payment form of the fees
  • Your license plate numbers
  • Justification of your request.

If you want to restore your old or damaged license plate, you should surrender it to your local DMV office. If your current plate, the procedure is the same.

How to Check Availability of Personalized License Plates

Personalized license plates are one of the various options to show your personality and differ from others. They give certain characteristics and let others know little about you. If you want to issue a vanity tag, first check the availability of a certain vanity plate. Ohio BMV website allows you to check the information about the uniqueness of the plates.

To check, you need to pass on the website, select the type of car. Then, choose the plate category and click continue. Finally, enter the numbers and characters in the nine boxes. After the submission, the system will check if the plate is available. If it isn’t, the system will show an error. Once the plate is available, the system provides additional information about the usage.

Types of Ohio license plates

The types of Ohio license plates vary. You have a wide range of tags to choose from based on your vehicle and the status you have.
Collegiate license plates.

Want to show the collegiate spirit of your college or University? You can choose among more than 20 collegiate plates verified by Ohio BMV.
Company-specific plates

Yօu can apply for a company-specific plate if your organization possesses over 50 vehicles.

Military tags

Prisoners of war, as well as disabled veterans, may apply for the specialized military license plates.

Organizational license plates

Organizations may have their specialized license plates as soon as they get not less than 150 signatures.

License plate costs

The cost of standard Ohio license plates is $4,50. However, specialized tags need extra payment. Only military license plates do not require added payment. Some special interest license plates may cost up to $50 extra annual fee.

If you have completed online registration by OPLATES.com or by mail, mailing feels also matter. The total cost of a specialized license plate is about $84,50.

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