Ohio Medical License

Ohio Medical License

In order to get your medical license in Ohio, you need to complete some steps, and the most complicated step is to graduate from medical school and complete your residency. As you have done these two steps the only thing that stands between you and your medical license is the Ohio physician application process.

If your application is approved you should get your license from the Ohio Medical Board within 60 days after applying.

To avoid delay make sure that you provide all the important documents on time and pay the fees as soon as possible.

The most essential part is how to get a medical license with the Ohio Medical Board?

Continue reading and you will find all the important information that you need to get your medical license.

What You Need Before Applying

Before you start your application process you need to meet all the State Medical Board of Ohio’s requirements.
Here is what you need.


Since 2000, to get a medical license in Ohio you are required to pass the exam.

According to the state law, you need to pass either the USMLE or COMLEX-USA in the last ten years. Fortunately, in most medical schools, students pass these exams, and probably you have passed them too, so you don’t need to take another one.

Note: If you fail any of the steps or parts of these examinations more than five times your application will be automatically rejected.

If you passed your exam before 2000 and 1985, visit the State Medical Board of Ohio website for more information.

Clinical Experience

One more requirement that you need to meet before applying for a license is to complete two years of clinical practice in the state.

This will prove that you have all the necessary knowledge and practical experience to start your practice.


When it comes to education the Board is always strict, before they even review your application they need to be sure that you have the required amount of education.

So, make sure that your medical school is authorized by the LCME or the AOA.

Taking the Initial Steps

The Ohio state board requires some more steps that you need to complete before starting to fill your application. After completing these you can apply for an application and then get your license.

So, to start your license process you need to do the following steps.

Create a Profile with the FSMB

You must create a profile for the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) with FCVS, before submitting your license application.

This database helps to make the application process easier for you.

After making your profile on the FCVS, you need to fill in all the information about yourself, then provide valid documentation. That consists of a copy of your diploma and proof of exams that you have taken during your medical education.

You have two options: either you can scan your documents and download them to the database or you can mail them to the FCVS. Before sending them make sure that your documents are notarized.
For this, you need to pay $375, but you will pay $170 if you are a physician assistant.

Note: Make sure that you indicate Ohio State Board as the receiver for your documents.

Complete Background Checks

One of the important requirements of Ohio State law is the background check. The board needs to be sure that all the applicants are the best and ethical. To complete the criminal history you need to provide a fingerprint.

According to state law, you need to complete the fingerprint electronically by WebCheck services that you can find in Ohio state. To get more information about the location of these services clicks here.

Once you have scheduled the appointment at a WebCheck fingerprinting facility, be sure to take with you a photo government ID and the appropriate payment.

Note: If you provide fingerprints in another state, then the process may be longer in two weeks.

Filling Out Your Licensure Application

This step is quite simple, as the application of medical licenses in Ohio is an easy one. But you need to be sure that you are filling the right one, as for each specialty there are different requirements.

So, check twice before filling out the application.

Here’s the breakdown of completing your medical license application.

The Online Version

When you have completed all the requirements, and you are ready to start your online application, you need to go to the eLicense website for Ohio State.

First of all, you need to create an account with this portal.

Before applying for a medical license application be sure to indicate that you are applying for a new license. Also, make sure that you give the link of your FCVS profile in your application so the Board can receive your documents.

Then fill out the history section and download all the documents, then submit it.

Filling out the online version of the medical application is more comfortable because in this way you can be sure that you answer all the questions and your application won’t be sent back.
After you submit your application and pay the fees, you will get an email, confirming that the Board has got your application.

Note: After the submission of your application, you can track it at any time. You can check the status and see the comments on your application, or provide additional documents to the Board before your medical license application can be approved.

The Mail-In Version

Also, you can print and fill out your application by hand.

Keep in mind, that if you choose to apply by mail, it will add more processing time.

The State Medical Board of Ohio Application

The first part of the Ohio physician application is very similar to the application for a job. As in this part, you need to provide personal information about yourself.

Here is all the information that you need to provide to the Ohio Board:

  • The history of your education since high school
  • The certificate of your participation in an Ohio Training Program
  • Past military experience
  • Medical education history and postgraduate training
  • The list of all the exams that you’ve pasted

Note: If you are planning to fill the printed version of the application make sure to write it readable. Take your time here.

The Cost of Getting Licensed in Ohio State

Here are all the fees that you need to pay:

  • Fee for the FSMB profile -$375
  • The mail-in application fee- $100
  • The cost of the fingerprint process -$46
  • The fee for submitting the application to the Board -$308.50

So, the total amount for the medical license is $829.50, if you are applying for the physician assistant you will pay a total of $403.50

How do I renew my Ohio medical license?

You need to renew your license every two years. The renewal fee is $305, but for renewing after the expiration date you need to pay an extra $100.

How can I verify a doctor’s credentials in Ohio?

Go to DocInfo.org from the FSMB website and you will find all the information about your doctor.

How do I find my physician’s license number in Ohio?

You can call the doctor’s office, search it online or find the information in your health insurance web account.

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