Ohio Marriage License

Ohio Marriage License

If you live in the State of Ohio and want to get married, you must keep reading this article. Like all the other states of the US, Ohio also requires getting a marriage license before performing the marriage.

So, here you can find some information about the Ohio marriage license which will help you to be well prepared for the process of obtaining the license.

Restricted and Prohibited Marriages in Ohio

The State of Ohio prohibits several types of marriages, which are:

  • Proxy marriages (both applicants must be present at the wedding ceremony)
  • Common-Law Marriages (since October 10, 1991, the state does not allow them to be performed)
  • Cousin Marriages (it is not legal to marry the first and second cousins in Ohio)

What refers to same-sex marriages, they are already allowed in Ohio. Since June of 2015, same-sex marriages are legalized everywhere in the country, as well as in the State of Ohio. Now, same-sex married couples have all the rights and responsibilities as other married couples.

How to get an Ohio marriage license?

For getting an Ohio marriage license, the applicants may apply to the Probate Court Office of any county.

If both applicants are Ohio residents, they must apply for the license in the county in which either of them resides. If both applicants are foreign residents, they must apply to Ohio County where they will perform the marriage.

The applicants who may be under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drugs, or infected with syphilis, will not get a license to marry.

When applying for a marriage license in the State of Ohio, there is no need to take a blood test. Also, there is no longer a waiting period in Ohio.

Age requirements when applying for a marriage license in Ohio

For getting an Ohio marriage license, age requirements vary depending on the county. So, each probate court has its own age requirements for the applicants, especially minor ones.

The applicants who are under 18 and more than 16 years old may get the license under certain circumstances. Some counties also take into account whether the minor is male or female. For example, in some counties, for minor girls, it is a must to get consent from both parents, as well as the “Minister’s Statement.” However, the boys must have consent from both parents and permission from the judge.

In some counties, there is no need to have parental consent if the applicants are under 18. Some judges may grant the marriage license only when a girl is pregnant and has premarital counseling.

So, you’d better check with your local county’s Probate Court and get more information about the age and other requirements for the marriage license.

What documentation do you need to apply for an Ohio marriage license?

The Probate Court may ask you for several papers to bring with you to prove your identity and age. Here is the list of documents you’d better take with you when applying for the marriage license:

  • valid photo identification
  • a birth certificate
  • passport
  • visa
  • driver’s license
  • state-issued ID
  • certified copy of the most recent divorce decree (if previously divorced)
  • marriage Counselling form (if you are a minor)

What information should you fill out in the application form?

When applying for the marriage license, the applicants must fill out the application form. In the applications, both of them must give personal information about themselves and their parents.

So, each applicant must fill out his or her name, age, place of birth, residence. They may also mention their occupation and their Social Security numbers. Additionally, the applicants will fill out their parents’ names, places of birth, and occupations. And, the name of the person who will perform the marriage ceremony may also be mentioned.

Previous marriage or divorce

If one or both of the parties were previously married, they must include that information in the application. They must include the names of the persons to that marriage, and the names of children, if any.

If the previous marriage ended in a divorce or annulment, the parties must show proof of that. So, they must bring a certified copy of the most recent divorce decree. It must provide some information on the divorce, such as the date and location of it.

In the case of the previous spouse’s death, some counties may require a death certificate.

How much does it cost to get a marriage license in Ohio?

The cost of an Ohio marriage license varies depending on the county. For instance, in Fulton County, the fee for the marriage license is $50. While in Cuyahoga County, the license costs $60.

The fee for the marriage license may be paid in cash, by money order, or by credit card.

So, you’d better check your local county’s Probate Court and know the exact fee for the marriage license.

How long is a marriage license good for in Ohio?

Once the parties get their marriage license, they must perform their marriage ceremony within 60 days. That is to say, the license is valid for only 60 days. The applicants may use the license as soon as they get it. If they fail to do so within this period of time, they must apply for an Ohio marriage license again and pay the same fee.

How to get a marriage license online in Ohio?

When applying for your Ohio marriage license online, you will need to complete an online application. You must attach all the required documents, including clear and readable ID photos. The information provided must be accurate, as the court will check every little detail.

You may wait for the results for several hours until the court process your application. After that, the court will contact you and make a virtual appointment. Both you and your spouse must be present during the conference call.

The court will send the confirmed marriage license via email. As soon as you get the license, you may perform the wedding ceremony.

How to get a copy of a marriage license in Ohio?

You can get a certified copy of an Ohio marriage license online by requesting a Certified Copy of the Marriage Record. For that, you should provide the required information, including the names of the applicants, and the date of the marriage.

The cost for getting a certified copy of the marriage license is $2-3 depending on the county. The fee is payable by money order, by credit card, or in cash.

Here is the address of Lucas County Probate Court. Here you can apply for a certified copy of a marriage license:

Lucas County Probate Court,
700 Adams Street, Suite 200,
Toledo, Ohio 43604.

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