Ohio HVAC License

Ohio HVAC License

If you work on residential properties, you will not need an HVAC license in Ohio. But if you want to work on Commercial Buildings, you need to get an HVAC license from the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board.

Are there different types of licenses in Ohio?

There are several types of HVAC licenses in Ohio. So here you can find them.

  • EPA certification: This type is for technicians who work with coolants. You have an opportunity to choose certification in low-pressure coolants, small appliances, high-pressure coolants, or all of them. This certification is obligatory, as most HVAC contractors work with coolants. The average salary for this type of licensed technician is about $22,000 per hour.
  • NATE certification: This type of license will show the depth of your knowledge. NATE certified technicians will make $30 an hour.
  • Journeyman: People obtaining this type of license will work under a Master HVAC technician. And you can earn about $19 an hour.
  • Master HVAC technicians: This type of license will give you a chance to start your own HVAC business. And you can hire employees. With this license, you will make $22 an hour if you do not gain more certifications.

An HVAC engineer in Ohio can possess the above-mentioned certifications in addition to a bachelor’s degree. An engineer who can design and build HVAC systems will make more than $30 an hour. The location of the coolants, the coolant circulation, and the mechanisms causing the gases to vaporize will differentiate HVAC and refrigeration.

How much does it cost to get an Ohio HVAC license?

The costs vary year by year, but currently, you have to pay $69 for taking the examination. And there is an additional application fee, which is $25.

How to get an Ohio HVAC license?

There are requirements for obtaining an Ohio HVAC license.

Schooling requirements

This requirement is only for people who want to become HVAC engineers.

On-the-job experience

If you want to obtain an HVAC license in Ohio, you have to gain at least 5 years of experience, when you take the exam. But if you are already an HVAC engineer, you need to have only 3 years of experience. There are no required hours to complete in order to get a license. You must have all your work experience on jobs that will require a permit.

Are there the best HVAC schools in Ohio?

You can find the best schools in Ohio for taking courses in order to become an HVAC technician. So here they are:

  1. The first school is The Technology and Career Education Centers of Licking County.
  2. The second one is The Great Oaks Institute of Career and Technology Development.
  3. And the third one is The Polaris Career Center.

There is a 71% passing rate in the Technology and Career Education Centers of Licking County. For completing it, you have to pay $6,000. A passing rate for The Great Institute of Career and Technology Development is 83%. And the cost for completing it is about $7,000. There is a 95% passing rate in The Polaris Career Center. And the cost for it is around $8,000.

The price includes many of the tools, but you may be required to purchase additional items, too. You have to provide a high school diploma or GED in order to attend school.

Classroom attendance is obligatory for most training programs. Ohio residents have the opportunity to attend online schools. There are schools that accept grants, but there are the ones that can provide loans or other payment options. You can find more information at the school’s financial aid department.

Who issues the licenses in Ohio?

The Ohio HVAC license is issued by the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Do you need to take exams in order to get an HVAC license in Ohio?

In order to receive a license, you have to pass a written examination. You can study with books or you can attend short study courses and seminars. For testing, you will have a time limitation, but you can use books during it. So you can use these books:

  • 2015 International Fuel Gas Code
  • Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, 20th
  • 2017 Ohio Mechanical Code

Do you need to renew your Ohio HVAC license?

You have to renew your license either on a yearly or a three-year basis, but you have to take continuing education training.

  • You need 4 hours of online credit in order to renew it for a year.
  • But you need 12 hours of online continuing education if you plan to renew for three years.

How long does it take to get an HVAC license in Ohio?

Before taking the exams, it can take five years for you. Even though you want to have technical schools, formal training, and colleges that can offer a 6-month or two-year program, you have to complete the apprenticeship, which is five years.

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