Ohio Barber License

Ohio Barber License

To obtain a license in cosmetology, aesthetics, and nail technology in OH, students must complete the requirements listed below.


It is an excellent time to begin a career in a thriving field while also assisting your clients in looking and feeling their best every day. Barbering is a growing industry. Hence, don’t miss your chance to become a professional.

To begin your career, you should get an Ohio barber license from Ohio State Barber Board (BB). First and foremost, you must begin with training. You need to learn 1,800 hours at one of the accredited beauty schools and complete the program successfully. The program includes not only theoretical, scientific, and practical classes but also the following subjects:

  • Bacteriology and Hygiene
  • Hair Histology
  • Law (industry-related)
  • Facial and Hair Treatments
  • Hairstyling Techniques
  • Bleaching
  • Facial Shaving and more

Before applying, the Board only requires you to complete the training. It is to provide the skills to not only work in a hair salon but also run a business. However, once you have your license, you can always return to school for advanced training.

Application Process

After graduating from the school, you will be given the OH Application for Examination and Licensure. It serves two purposes: allows you to sit for the licensing exams and lets the BB issue your permit after you pass the examinations. In addition to the application, you must submit a $120.00 fee.

When the BB receives your request, they notify you of the date, time, and location of your test. For out-of-state licenses, there is a reciprocity program. To apply for it, first of all, you must demonstrate that your former beauty school classes were equivalent to Ohio’s 1,800-hour requirement. If this is the case, you can qualify for an Ohio barber license through reciprocity. Complete the following steps:

  • Fill out Reciprocity Form
  • Submit Barber School Certification
  • Attach 2 Current Photos
  • Attach a copy of Birth Certificate
  • Submit Copy of Current Barber Authorization
  • Pay $300 Fee

You will need to send all materials to the Board at the following address: Ohio State Barber Board 77 S. High Street 16th Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215

Pass the Exam

As soon as you receive the date of the exam, get ready for it. You need to pass written and practical exams. Both of them are graded by the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board.

The written test focuses on the topics you have learned at school such as sterilization, disinfection, skin histology, facial and shaving services, hair cutting and styling, etc. For the practical one, you will be graded based on your ability to perform the following hairdressing services:

  • Conducting a Professional Shave
  • Performing a Haircut
  • Giving a Scientific Scalp Massage
  • Shampooing the Hair
  • Professional Hairstyling
  • Final Sanitation 

Once you pass these examinations, you’ll be a qualified specialist. 


The renewal process is rather easy. When the expiration date approaches, the Board will send you a renewal form by mail. All you should do is fill out the form and send it back with a $110  fee.

Your Own Barbershop

If you want to join more than 1,000 other hairdressers and be one step closer to your dream, you can open your own hair salon! It allows you to decide the style, focus, and culture of your beauty shop.

You can open a beauty salon by applying for an OH barbershop permit. To obtain the latter, you must first be an authorized hairdresser, and then you may complete the following steps:

  • Fill out and Submit Application
  • Pay $110 Fee

Once you submit the above-mentioned documentation, you will be issued authorization to have a barbershop. Being able to follow the trends in hairstyling will both impress and please your clients. 

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