Ohio Auction License

Ohio Auction License

Candidates must complete a set of pre-criteria to obtain qualifications. Here’s all you need to know about applying for an Ohio auction license. Also, you can learn about other states, for example, the Florida auction license.


Applicants must have the following qualifications:

  • Pass the apprentice certification exam.
  • Serve in a one-year training. Also, complete all apprenticeship requirements as outlined in OH Revised Code Chapter 4707.09.
  • Have 12 sales as a bid caller.

The ORC also outlines situations in which a certificate can be obtained without completing an apprenticeship. For example, reciprocity agreements with the other jurisdictions may serve this purpose.

You may apply after serving as an apprentice and passing all qualifications. Or, it can be after receiving a waiver for the training requirement. You have to satisfy the following qualifications:

  • Submit the form.
  • There are 12 forms for “Certification of Auction Participation” (if you are submitting as part of the standard procedure via apprenticeship, and not with a waiver).
  • Attend and show proof of attendance at an auction school certified by the OH Auctioneers Commission.
  • Get a $25,000 dealer affiliation.
  • Pass at least 75% on the test (includes both a written and spoken component).
  • Pay a $200 fee and a $25 exam fee every two years.

Exams take place four times a year. The Ohio Department of Agriculture will grant your certificate if you pass your exam and submit all of the needed paperwork.

Bond Requirement

The bond is an integral aspect of this process. It acts as an assurance that you would conduct yourself honestly. You should behave under the ORC and any applicable state rules.

They decide the cost of the affiliation by an applicant’s personal resources, particularly their credit score. Then, they establish the price on an individual basis, but it is normally a modest proportion of the bond’s entire value.

Used Car Auction License

If you want to sell used automobiles for a profit in this state, you must obtain an Ohio Used Car Dealer License. You will not need it if you sell up to five of your own personal automobiles. But, your vehicles should be registered in your name for 12 months.

Renewal Process

Note that you will have to update your certification and bond in the near future. You have to do it until June 30. So, you must pay a $200 renewal fee. You should also update your OH dealer affiliation. Then, you should return it to the Department along with the renewal cost.

Biennial costs indicate that it should be done every two years. People whose surnames or names of their corporations, partnerships, or associations begin with the letters A-J or X-Z, should update it every odd-numbered year. Those with names starting with K and ending with W have to do it every even-numbered year.

You can update it without having to reapply. It can be if you miss the June 30 renewal deadline but update before September 1. However, in addition to your standard $200 renewal, you will be charged a $100 late penalty. If you don’t do it before September 1, you’ll have to start over.

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